Beat the Drum for Your Business

We deliver energising drumming and body percussion workshops for corporate events. We design workshops to encourage team building, creativity and stress relief. The workshops are followed by a music performance which everybody can participate in and enjoy.


Workshop benefits:

  • Develop a sense of connection among team members.
  • Stimulate creative thinking.
  • Broaden listening and communication skills.
  • Reduce the effects of work-related stress, anxiety and team conflict.
  • Improve team motivation and strengthens team-working skills.
  • Fun and energising team building activity.
  • Celebrate diversity by using various percussions to play rhythms from all over the world.
  • Our workshops allow colleagues to interact in a fun and more informal atmosphere which builds deeper relationships than would the usual workplace setting. These deeper relationships help colleagues interact more effectively once they return to their jobs and benefits both seasoned and new employees to learn to work together more effectively.