Kick-start your team building with drumming and body percussion

Team BuildingSize: 8 +
Body percussion, music for wellness, teambuilding, drumming

Venue: Indoor / Outdoor

We tailor all activities to your event requirements

Drumming is one of the most powerful, effective and fun team building activities. The effect is immediate, everyone can feel it and hear it and the energy raised is highly infectious.

How it works

Our facilitator will teach each team to play simple rhythms on drums or body percussion and lead them to combine the rhythms which finally transform into a complex rhythm pattern. Our wonderful musicians will play Scottish, Irish and Middle Eastern tunes and our facilitator will lead everyone to play along as part of a band. We prepare all the team members for a final performance. Our amazing singer and songwriter will guide everyone to play and sing her positive and uplifting songs which will cheer everybody up.

The end results

  • Irrespective of personality and age, our ice breakers have a proven track record of involving everyone.
  • We design creative and entertaining workshops which will dispel any initial anxiety in the room.
  • We use AfricanMiddle EasternAsian & Samba percussions and drums to celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion in your business.
  • Body percussion will put a smile on everyone’s face and the rhythm exercises will get people quickly interacting with each other and having fun.