Ali Rahmani

Ali is the founder of Music for Wellness social enterprise and a professional percussionist who has performed in many different countries such as Iran, Italy, Germany and the UK and recorded albums with various multi ethnic bands. He is an experienced facilitator and trainer whose emphasizes is on creativity and team building. He conducts various rhythm, drum circle and body percussion workshops advancing education, health and creative development.

Lorraine Rahmani

Lorraine is a singer-songwriter from Ireland, who formed and managed her band Lorraine & The Borderlands when she moved to Edinburgh. Lorraine was then invited to join an international band of first generation immigrants in Genoa, together they recorded an album and played concerts around Italy to unite communities against racism. Lorraine is an experienced facilitator and tutor and runs a songwriting circle for young women in Edinburgh at the Girls Rock School. As a graduated from the Social Innovator Incubator Award, Lorraine is delighted to be a co-founder of Music for Wellness, bringing together her passions of music and creativity to help address issues that affect our wellbeing in society today.

José Rojas

José is a Chilean musician and his focus is in both, electronic music and percussion. He was the musical director of two Afro-Latin American dance companies in Chile: Logunede Dance and Music Company and Mestizo.  José has the experience of working with ZAHIR, Capilla de Indias Orchestra and Yanoseusa as a percussionist and performed in France, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. As a researcher, he runs KURICHE.CL which is a website dedicated to the investigation of the influence of African culture in Latin America. Currently he is a member of Bristol Branch, a legendary local band which plays Forró, traditional music and dance from northern Brazil. He is also the founder of EL TALLER company and facilitates Afro-Latin American percussion workshops in Edinburgh.

Jordan Ferguson

Jordan is an Edinburgh based percussionist specialising in Afro-Brazilian carnival music. He has been performing for 10 years around the UK, Europe and Brazil with groups such as The Edinburgh Samba School, Juba Do Leão (Manchester), Banda Alana (São Paulo, Brazil), Bloco Me Lembra Que Eu Vou (São Paulo, Brazil) and The Tinderbox Orchestra (Edinburgh). As well as being an experienced performer and musical director Jordan has also been teaching people of all ages and backgrounds since the age of 15 with a wide variety of community groups.

Nick Jenkins

Nick started playing the violin from the age of 8 and progressed into embracing traditional Irish music in adult life, though his repertoire includes music from all over Europe. He has performed with numerous bands in the South of Scotland over the past 15 years on Violin, Viola and Mandolin. He is passionate about community music and has a lot of experience in development of creative partnerships between people of different skills and cultures and facilitating access to music for a diverse range of people.

Fiona McLaren

Fiona is Sound Therapist with a particular love and passion for drumming. An experienced facilitator having worked with various organisations such as Women’s Aid, Key Housing, Breast Cancer Care, BAE System Surface Ships and the Scottish Prison Service. Over the years, Fiona has also facilitated weekly drum classes in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy and led the djembe group HeartSound. Fiona is passionate about sound/music and creativity to empower people and to improve health and wellbeing.