Primary School Musical Programs:

We bring music into classrooms through songwriting, body percussion and playing lots of percussions and rhythms from various cultures around the world. 

Our programs aim to enhance pupils learning in curriculum areas such as literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing (Suitable for P3-P7 curriculum). Programs focus on developing pupils creativity, teamwork and leadership skills.

Supporting them to become:

  • Successful Learners: All pupils are engaged in music making activities, no matter what level of skill they can learn quickly and see the results.
  • Effective Contributors: Enhances pupils well-being by developing interpersonal skills such as listening skills, non-verbal communication, teamwork and leadership through warm up technics and playing music together as a band.
  • Responsible Citizens: Songwriting projects combining environmental education, songwriting and recycled musical instruments. Integrating music making with the curriculum through creative songwriting, singing and playing rhythms with various percussions from around the world.
  • Confident Individuals: Final performance by the pupils playing and singing their own songs.

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