Songwriting for Wellness

Songwriting for Wellness Workshop

This online worshop is here to support you in developing your songwriting process and to connect you with others doing the same. People who have taken part in these workshops have felt a great sense of achievement and wellbeing. 

Here what past participants thought: 

“The positive energy and support at the workshops has given me so much more confidence in my writing. There are no rules to expressing your creativity!” Jack 

“Lorraine is an excellent facilitator. She has a calming presence that allows you to feel safe to be creative” Lou

“Super friendly and welcoming.” Beth 

Creativity is a powerful skill we all possess, but perhaps we haven’t had the support or time to develop it as much as we want too. There are just 6 places available on this workshop, as it’s important that we all have the time to share and support each other as we explore and have fun with our creative practice. 

Lorraine’s background 

Course Director: Singer Songwriter Lorraine Rahmani (McCauley)

What is the Songwriting for Wellness Workshop all about?

It’s about developing your process: Lots of people think that songwriting is a magical thing that just happens to some people. The reality is, if you have a desire to write songs or you write songs already, then this art form is calling you and it’s important to follow your instinct. This workshop is about getting to know your own songwriting process and developing it. So we are not looking for master pieces, its about having some guidance to tap into your creativity, support to build your confidence and skills in songwriting, while surrounded by a friendly group of people trying to do the same.   

Learning from each other:  Nothing beats geeking out with people who love songwriting as much as you do. Getting to see how other people approach songwriting and hearing the many, many different ways people write songs is very inspiring and freeing. 

Making the time: Lots of us struggle to find the time to prioritise our creativity. But when we do, we realise that it’s so good for our health and wellbeing. Being creative is a skill that you need to practice. By taking part in a songwriting workshop it becomes much easier to motivate yourself to make the time to do what you love

Nerves are normal: We’ll start with some relaxation exercises to help with any pre-creativity jitters. It’s totally normal to feel nervous, worry you might not be good enough or feel vulnerable about sharing your songwriting with others. This is all catered for in this workshop, it’s important that we build an environment in which we all feel safe, not judged and encouraged to explore our songwriting process. 


For more details on how to book a Songwriting for Wellness workshop contact Lorraine by email.