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Music For Wellness Launch Event

The launch of Music for Wellness was extremely exciting for our team as we presented our Social Enterprise to the public through a drumming, body percussion and interactive music performance workshop. We thank Google Digital Garage team for hosting us at their venue in Edinburgh.

The idea of the Music for Wellness venture to bring people together through music began 8 years ago when I went to Italy to study civil engineering. I had very little Italian so communicating with local people was very difficult.I tried many ways to make friends but it just didn’t work as I couldn’t connect with others due to the language barrier. I talked about my situation to my mum and she gave me a fantastic solution that changed my life. She sent me my drum and said play your drum for people and you will make a lot of friends even without knowing their language. I thought my drum is a traditional Iranian drum and nobody would be interested in it in Italy, but when I played it for the first time in the city centre in a jam session, everybody was amazed and loved it !!!

That day my life changed forever. I made lots of friends, recorded two albums, toured Italy and played in beautiful venues in Genova, Milan, Rome and Pavia with great musicians from all around the world. I met the most wonderful people and who are still my friends to this day.

Here is what people had to say about the workshop.

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